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I am dedicating my new site to Mary – my sister – who donated a kidney to our brother John yesterday morning at 8:00 a.m. in London. Mary did not talk about doing this – she just did it – she doesn’t want any adulations about how great she is – she just wants to move on. When I asked her how she felt this morning (a day after surgery) she said she is groggy and in pain – but when she saw the color back in John’s cheeks and realized how quickly his kidney function had improved – her sense of joy and wonder surpassed any pain she was experiencing. John said he felt very humble. Mary had already moved past the pain and on to her next family event. I have been studying Yoga for 10 years – but Mary is the True Yogi – she was just born like that.

She is the mother of five children – the youngest of whom are identical twins Eoghan and Philip – making their confirmation on May 24th – I am really looking forward to that occasion and hopefully a game of scrabble with the two boys. The energy in that house is great – there is a wonderful, vibrant engagement between the residents and most of all – action! I am sure that on this day – Mary will be at the center of it all – making sure the day is all about Eoghan and Philip – she will be “living in her present”.

Every time we say “I must do something” it takes an incredible amount of energy – far more than “physically doing it” – Mary has known this secret all her life – she is a “doer” but never seems rushed – always has a ready smile – she looks younger and fitter than most of us – although she is the second eldest of the family of eight.

Continued laughter and good health to you, Mary Reilly. I will think of you when I catch myself saying “I must write my blog” or “I must do my Yoga”. You are my inspiration! Ann

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