Please send your thoughts and comments and we will post all with gratitude. Thank you.

Hi Ann....This is Ryan M.....I had an appointment with you last Friday for my Shoulder and I just want to say Thank You!   The following day my shoulder felt 50% better and has been improving ever since.   I even cancelled my appointment with my Orthopedic Doctor because I feel about 90% better now.   Thanks again and I will be definitely coming back

Ryan M.

Thank you Ann for the class.  Your common sense approach to Anatomy really helps me understand the system as a whole.  I really appreciate all you have taught me.


Yoga Teacher Trainee

I was introduced / recommended to Ann by my Physical Therapist for a shoulder injury. I was determined to heal without surgery, but Ann gave relief and a schedule that allowed me to know my body even better. Each time I went back to Ann I felt huge progress. Now that I have full mobility, I go back for maintenance and any hint of tightness. Surgery was never needed. Thank you Ann.

Karen P, Greenwich

Discovering Orthopedic Massage has changed my life.  As an avid runner I had come to expect ongoing pain and now Ann's gift has me running better than ever - without the pain!   I also now have the tools to reinforce the work Ann has done and am forever grateful

Michael, Jessica, & Jacob

Ann....I want do a Yoga Teacher Training and get Certified but I have a mental block with biology/anatomy....I think it would do me and others good to overcome this block and learn from someone like you, who I seem to respond to very well.