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With kindness and compassion we are all about FUNCTIONALITY.

We are committed to providing you with therapeutic and long lasting relief from pain and stress. We will work with your medical professionals to achieve optimum results for you. Book a free consultation to discuss which options are best suited to you. You may just need a Therapeutic Massage or we may combine Orthopedic Massage and Myofascial Release with Therapeutic Yoga.  We may do a combination of Yoga and Meditation or, Massage and Active Release StretchingResisted Stretching is a powerful and safe way to engage/activate the muscles while simultaneously stretching the fascia.  Pre-Natal Yoga followed by Pre-Natal Massage is also a popular option.


Ann Brett has over twenty years of experience and continued education in the field of wellness.

Ann specializes in the integration of Orthopedic Massage Therapy with Yoga Therapy to achieve optimal results for you. Ann is listed on a National Register of Certified practitioners of Integrated Manual Therapy and Orthopedic Massage. See

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